As we specialise in luxury floats, these floats have some specific requirements your tow car needs to have before you can hire one of our floats.

Electric Brake Controller

Your tow car MUST be fitted with an electric brake control unit to activate the float brakes on our larger floats.

Here is the Australian Governments technical requirements for axle breaking in trailers that are manufactured to carry over 0.75 tonnes but not exceed 4.5 tonnes & a example of the unit you need fitted to your vehicle. For full technical manufacture trailer requirements that all manufactures need to abide by can be found at:

Vehicle Towing Capacity

Min towing capacity for our angle load floats is 3,000 kg
Min towing capacity for our smaller straight load floats is 2,500 kg

On our floats page, note the weight of the float, you must then add the weight of your horses and gear to determine the total weight you will be towing. You need to then compare this weight against your car manufacturers recommendations.